Spark Essentials™ is an intuitive and intentional holistic family-run small home company. Viergelyn curates the company products, using a mix of 100% pure natural, certified organic, and organic essential oils. She used sustainably harvested plants and herbs. The family personally restocks package, and mail out orders. Spark Essentials is the birthing of wisdom. It is the emergence of empowered spiritual alchemy. Consider yourself part of the brew!




It began with a lineage. A lineage of medicine women, shamans, mystics, priest/ess by way of African, Hispanic, and Native Diasporas. My application and understanding of soul "medicines" derived from various wise teachings. I learned parts of earth medicine, energy medicine, sky medicine, intuitive arts, and the importance of ritualism. I call these practices the "original" wisdom of medicines and healing remedies. I should say "medicine" as I understand it to be using the natural properties and elements with intention.

This knowledge has been passed from generation to generation in oral traditions, some lost and stolen. My spiritual practice reflects the use of these rituals, practices, and teachings.

Some of the essential oil blends are of old alchemy recipes and others have been divinely invoked. Most of the essential oil blends are charged by the moon and/or sun energy, incantations, and reiki energy.

Place your order and let the healing, releasing, thriving, and magic into your life! 

You are welcome to schedule a Spark+You Consultation with me to curate your personalized blend creating an intention for a brew!

Divine Love & Light,


Founder & CEO, Spark Essentials™

Michelle & Wolfe and Arrow

Tribe Ambassadors


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Proudly created with well intention, divine love, and healing wisdom.

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