• Viergelyn Chery

How to Manifest pt.1

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

This post was inspired by my intentional and intuitively guided curation of infused essential blend Wish List. A blend for "present intention" through One's Will and aligning with universal law principles for manifesting. It was also inspired by the many folx who are curious about abundance in all forms.

Note: Abundance is generally desired in the forms of good health, compassion, strength, love, wealth, psychic talents, fertility, grounding/ stability, clarity, peace of mind, protection.

First:I should say is we all are at the presence of abundance in every mental activity and are part of the higher consciousness design of abundance.

Second: in order to improve your level of manifestation -- one must learn how to practice being present and still. I often work with folx and I practice a hierarchy of mindfulness by setting tree goals set of 3 min, 5 min to 10 mins, etc (you get the sense).

Note: I believe and have witnessed we all have a spirit team/guides/ancestors/guardians whom have roles in our life to the end of life. You will begin to connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and past loved ones.

Third: you must learn to create "intent" with your mental activity. This requires aligning and clarifying your purpose for making such intentions and know that all intentions come back to the creator.

Note: If you are trying to manifest hurt onto someone by way of managing another persons Will. Remember that if/and when possible, this too is also karma.

For more guided thoughts on this post click and listen: https://goo.gl/S9T4Bi

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