• Viergelyn Chery

Relating with your plant allies

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

First we must understand that we are in relation to everything and everyone around us including animals, plants and the planets.

Now that I have said that I can share with you a few thoughts on the ways in which YOU can grow and harness a relationship with plants, seeds, trees, forests, barks .... the list may go on. In another post I will be encouraged to talk about natural allies or what I prefer to call them natural spirit allie-ship.

Get out into nature. It may not be as obvious that your relationship with plant comes through your acknowledgment, respect and play. Get familiar with your natural parks, take a hike, sit and speak to the plants around you and listen to them.

Understand the medicine. Each plant life carries with it many stories and ways to use it. Each plant, seed, bark, flower, anything grown out of earth element carries with it strengths, wisdom and benefits. Understand why you are drawn to particular plants and learn their wisdom.

Use it all and never waste. When learning to use plants in your daily life its important to integrate all without waste. There are many ways to use plant allies and they may also teach you and you can learn from other herbalists, healers, medicine folx of ways to use it for your own intentions.


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