• Viergelyn Chery

The world of alchemy

When I first started exploring the world of meta-physics I was 8 years old captivated by the curiosity and wonder as a child, but because I was born into a dynamic that meta-physics, spirituality and nature where all part of the universal force- something unseen and felt all at the same time. Though now in my more mature state I have witnessed and performed unseen into seen realities. I have crossed over many layers of reality and brought drops of water to my table ( that really did happen).

I am now in my new phase of human-state and exploring how to bridge these state of "natural" / organix state of elements in my holistic healing practice and in my amazing new company for all folx of positive and wondrous energy - Spark Essentials.

Consier yourself part of the brew of alchemy

- Viergelyn



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