Wish List


Wish List is a herbal +crystal infused blend. This is the "Present Intention" essential oil blend. Potent in thriving in high vibrational energy, attracting energy abundance and cultivating succession with your energetical intentions.

An amazing synergistic essential oil blend that has relaxing plant properties certified organic (grass, tree and mint family) essential blend, lavender, and fractionated coconut oil, crystal-infused with Citrine, reiki energy.

A purifying, relaxing, woodsy aroma, joyous blended with earthy, air and fire element. Your water element in your human blueprint will integrate with the other elements in your intentions. You are part of the alchemy of your own manifestations using this essential oil blend.

Please Note: After essential oil bottle is empty you have full access to use the crystals in your healers kit. You are encouraged not to discard your crystal as it contains healing properties. In addition, you can re-purpose your roll-on bottles or you can send back to us for re-purposing.


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