Soul Intuitive & Guidance Sessions

here & now

As a direct channel of expression through variance of clair-senses “medium”, Viergelyn has the ability to tune into and communicate with Spirit*, connecting with your spirit team of ancestors, guides and angels. She will share personal messages, guidance and powerful insight as they come during sessions.


Viergelyn is a psychic empath and can effortlessly tune to your soul-embodied state (mind, body, emotions). She also has the unique ability to tune-in to the people in your life to help understand your soul contracts/attachments & how to support your soul journey.


Although, Viergelyns' holistic practice and offerings focuses on guiding folxs in navigating concerns related to the here and now, during a session ---- their may be information regarded for others who have a soul agreement with you and may be shared as well.


These sessions are intended to provided clarity for life challenging patterns, past transgressions, revealing talents and past lives, that may be preventing you from moving forward in your current human-design. The goal is discovering how to relates to this information to your current soul blueprint*. During sessions, Viergelyn may receive information for which validates your current life experiences.


Viergelyn offers only information supported by Great Spirit*, her Spirit Tribe, your spirit team and loved ones who choose to express guidance with mindfulness, humor, wisdom, metaphorically and with deep deep Divine love and compassion. Viergelyn has made agreements and will not share information that may create harm to self or others. In addition, if her spiritual tribe are/is not aligned; in agreement to provide services Viergelyn will refund you and notify you immediately.


Viergelyn uses a variety of healing arts modalities in her sessions. These may include integration of dream interpretation, astrology, numerology, energy/aura reading, Akashic Record readings*, divination decks. She may also provide insight around herbal/plant medicine, energy medicine, sound bowl, soul embodiment and crystals that may provide vitality, healing and enrich your soul journey.


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