I come from a long line of healers, ------ medicine women, shamans, mystics, priest/ess emerging from African ,Hispanic, and Native Diaspora lineage. My use  and understanding of soul "medicines" derives from a variety of properties- and relation to ----------plant medicine, energy medicine, sky medicine (1st teachings of art, math & science). I have since created a holistic practice integrating western science/medicine with "first" (old) wisdom teachings.


The soul medicines have been passed on many generations written and oral teachings ---- some lost in the passing of ancestors. These remedies are "medicine", "healing properties", "the invocation of spiritual magick". These are vital components in my personal and professional mission of soul wellness/health and healing. I share these with you ------- with family, with friends, and soul clients.I have used my remedies, magick and teachings for (but not limited to) respiratory, skin sensitivity, digestive issues, weight loss, emotional , physical and mental balance. In addition, in my manifestation rituals and my overall spiritual development/wellness and human pathway! 


As a soul healer and pack leader of my family, we opt to live a mindful, holistic and thriving lifestyle that not only promotes healing, balance and curiosity, but follows the sacred way of relationships - to mother earth and all beings. It is essential I teach this wisdom and principles to future generations ahead. I wanted to create a space and use talents/abilities, gift and knowledge by creating products that reflect these principles that continue to grow. I wanted to share the embodied magical healing! 


Some of my blends come from old alchemy recipes written and passed down, and others have been divinely guided and/or invoked. All my blends are charged by the moon and/or sun energy, incantations, immersed in healing energy and created with potent vibration.

You are welcome to order my original Spark Collection & Spark Infused Herbal & Crystal Collection for healing, releasing, thriving and adding a sense of magic to your life!


You are welcome to schedule a Spark+You Consultation with me to curate your personalized blend creating an intention for a brew!

Divine Love & Light,


Founder & CEO, Spark Essentials

Michelle & Tristan


Tribe Ambassadors


Spark Essentials is a (me) owned intuitive and intentional holistic (we) family run company. (I) curated the products (we) package, stock/ re-stock inventory and send out to fellow soul folx.


 Spark Essentials is the birthing of wisdom -- It is the emergence of authentic, empowered, magical plant and spiritual alchemy! Consider you part of the brewing of healing, balancing and thriving all mind, body and soul on this earth plane!

2019 Launch Event
Feb 14, 2019, 9:00 PM
Bella Luna Restaurant


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