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High Priestess

High Priestess

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High Priestess

High Priestess (crystal infused) is intentionally inspired by the astrological and divination of a feminine, lunar, and intuitively talented energy force. This essential blend will truly spark spiritual insight, invoke direction, clarity, activate hidden talents, and reveal underdeveloped desires/ life passions. This blend curated with certified therapeutic organic floral blends, cedarwood, fractionated coconut oil and bites of crystal rainbow moonstone, and charged under new moon energy).

The crystal used to infuse this blend was the Rainbow Moonstone. This blend intentionally curated for spiritual seekers, healers, for brewing with your rituals. Use this blend in your healing arts/spiritual practices to enhance your own intentions and desires.

The Rainbow Moonstone is known for its powerful transformation, spiritual insight properties. Rainbow Moonstone unlocks the inner goddess that exists deep within your spirit and activating your soul pathway to balance and harmony. It is also used to open and heal the heart chakra, release what's holding you back, and coming to union with the flow.

Ingredients: rosa, cedrus (cedarwood), commiphora myrrha (myrrh), lavendula (lavender), organic coconut oil and infused with crystal rainbow moonstone

Useful in practices using mindfulness, journaling, and setting intentions. This essential oil 10ML roll-on bottle can last 40 days when applied as recommended.

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