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Sacral candle

Sacral candle

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One of our newer products, Sacral is intentionally and intuitively curated as the "CREATIVE, EMOTIONAL, AND SEXUAL POWER" blend. Designed to enhance creativity, harness intuition, and support sexual expression, energy, and emotional power, Sacral is a quick-activating blend that promotes self-awareness and creative capacity, and power.

Intentionally Curated: Crafted to enhance creativity, intuition, and emotional and sexual power.

The Sacral blend is infused with dried lavender, known in folk medicine for its powerful healing properties. This blend is perfect for those seeking to connect with their creative and emotional energies in a sustainable and holistic manner.

Experience the transformative power of the Sacral blend, designed to support your journey towards greater self-awareness and emotional balance. Embrace this eco-friendly and sustainable essential oil blend to enhance your creative and emotional expression.

4 oz | 20-hours burntime

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